What an absolute pleasure it was to be a wedding photographer at Preston Court, Kent for Cheryl and Chris’s wedding.  This was my first time at Preston Court, and what a stunning venue it is.  This place has everything – gorgeous greenery, a moat, beautiful barns, peacocks, a fairground merry-go-round and even a giant fairground organ.  A truly unique venue.

Cheryl and Chris had such a brilliant wedding day in Kent.  The weather was perfect, allowing them to have their wedding on the moat while all their guests looked on from the other side of the water.  This make for a great entrance for the bride as she walks over the bridge to meet her groom.  This wedding was so much fun, there were lots of laughs even through the ceremony.

Cheryl and Chris’s wedding at Preston Court Kent was everything a wedding should be; fun, relaxed, emotional and just a day filled with happiness.  The reception finished things off perfectly, with a great band that had everyone on their feet.  Congratulations to Cheryl and Chris, it was so good to be part of your day. Take a look at the pictures below for highlights of their day!