I’ve been lucky enough to visit Japan before but always wanted to go back, particularly during cherry blossom season.  We were incredibly fortunate to time our trip perfectly this year so that we were in Tokyo and Kyoto during peak sakura season.  Japan is everything you expect and more, and the people are some of the most friendly you could ever hope to meet.  This trip wasn’t about photography, but I still wanted to get some pictures of Tokyo cherry blossom.

Tokyo is a mind boggling place, the sheer size and scope of the city is incredible.  Everywhere you turn there is something new and exciting to see and explore.  There are a few must see places, but it’s a city that really rewards just walking aimlessly and taking pot luck with what you find.  Toy stores with 8 floors of totally unique things you would never see anywhere else, camera stores that every conceivable gadget you can think of and the most incredible food.  The contrast of the modern city with the beauty of the cherry blossom trees lining all the streets is surreal to view in the flesh.

We moved on to Kyoto, probably my favourite place from my previous trip.  Walking through Gion at night is like stepping back in time and we were lucky enough to spot a Geisha!  The temples in Kyoto are stunning, and it’s impossible to not be totally blown away by everything you see around you.  We visited the deer in Nara, where the fields were surrounded in cherry blossom, like a scene from a Studio Ghibli film.  Travelling between each place by Shinkansen makes you feel like a spaceman!  Quite a change from the snail like devices we suffer back home.

I’ve been lucky enough to visit some amazing places, but there’s never been a place that’s really made me crave going back yet, even after visiting Japan twice now, I’m still desperate to go back.  If you’re planning a destination wedding in Japan or a Wedding in Tokyo or Kyoto, I would love to hear from you and all your plans – please get in touch.